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I got hooked on crochet at a very young age.

I saw my mom making this very beautiful table cover when I was a kid, she would do it during nap time, when I was pretending to sleep and well into the night.

She had these 1970’s crochet magazines that had images of table covers, coasters, dresses and other colorful things that I would always look at and I was always amazed how these beautiful things came out from this spool of yarn, this small thing we used to tease the cat with.

I remember we had these very beautiful bed covers (or were they blankets, I forgot) and table covers that she would always use when there were special occasions.

I have a vague memory of her teaching me how to make a circle with this white yarn and this very thin crochet hook, I think it was a zero and it always came out looking like it got strangled and was always grey because my hands were probably not clean and I was sweating bullets just to get it right.

It became a very useful skill in high school when I was able to teach a few friends how to crochet these small cute bells they made as Christmas ornaments for the Home Economics club.

Thanks to my mom I never run out of ideas when it comes to Christmas gifts and baby shower gifts.